Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yet another adventure for you

My darling little boy!!!

You are the most AMAZING little boy!!! You keep hitting road bumps BUT you keep smiling, giving fist bumps, and blowing kisses.

Last week on the 19th you had a endoscopy and colonoscopy with biopsies. The results came back on the 26th and you have inflammation - a LOT of it! Your GI doctor thinks half of it is from food allergies and the other looks like inflammation that they would see from a Crohn's disease patient.

So the 26th you had a HORRIBLE night and the day was spent mostly screaming. The GI doctor put you on  a steroid of the inflammation but we were going to be able to get you on it till the 28th in the afternoon (pharmacy issues).

After spending most of the day screaming your GI nurse practitioner recommended put you in at Boys Town Hospital. We got here last night (the 27th) and you were not happy at all!! You spent the night screaming and you have spent today screaming and playing and walking and attempting to get food (but haven't gotten any cause you are not allowed to eat).

You finally fell asleep about an hour ago (4:30 pm).

Don't know yet how long we will be here but I do know that we are in amazing hands and the nurses and doctors here don't look at mommy like she's crazy (which I totally appreciate).

I love you my darling boy!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One year

My darling little monkey!

As I sit here typing this (trying not to cry and sorely failing) you are taking a nap.

In 3 days you, my darling monkey, will be a year old! A year ago, you rocked my whole world! You have been the greatest blessing to me! You have shown me how to observe the world again, and how to look at everything with fresh eyes my dear.

Your great grandma, GGma, is arrived on the 2nd to be here for your birthday! I know she was shocked at how big you are! I know I am every day! 

Baby boy I love you so much! You now have six teeth (which you are currently grinding and driving up the wall by doing so!). Your hair is curling in the back. I have your diaper rash under control for the moment (minus the spots that will appear after I type this)! You LOOOOVE your bouncy seat (Thanks again Auntie K).

You are working so hard on walking and you don't let the many head bumps stop you - Mommy should take a page outta your book!

I love you my little man! And happy birthday my little blessing!
Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, August 25, 2012

10 months old and crazy!!!

My darling crazy monkey!!!

You are now ten months old! You have 4.25 teeth and can army crawl (minus one leg which you drag behind you).

You are constantly on the run and making mommy realize how badly she needs to get into shape and take vitamins!!

You are very talkative and active. I'm so proud of you being a normal boy!! Mommy is working on ways to do preschool things at home. After much reading and thinking about things you may be homeschooled. At least for a little while. Now to find a program that works for us!! :)

Now my darling - go to sleep so I can too!!

I love you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting so big!

Here we are on our first real roadtrip. We are headed to the Amana Colonies in Iowa (which are about 4.5 hours away with a baby) with Gma and GGma.
You are sitting next to me and I can't help but be amazed at how big and smart you are getting! You are talking and playing with you sock monkey that GGma gave you. And drinking out of your sippy cup like a pro! I'm so proud of you!

I'm going to take tons of pictures of you while we are on this adventure!

I love you!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


My darling EJ,

You are AMAZING!!! Here we are almost 4 days after surgery and you have almost returned to normal!!!

You have finally gotten most of the air outta your gut (through pooping, farting, and belching - all the things that make you a guy!). You have had the most productive 24 hours EVER!

Wednesday morning you kinda scared Mommy. You started spitting up stomach acid and your nurse had to call Dr. A to see if he wanted to put in a NG Tube (tube placed through the nose, down the back of the throat to the stomach to vacuum out excess acid/fluid). Dr. A said to wait and see if the spitting up increased (which it didn't thankfully!).

Mommy spent a lot of the day picking you up to let gravity help us with moving everything through you! Thankfully, it worked!!! You have pooped LOTS!!! As a matter of fact, you almost blew out a diaper already! :)

And Dr. A made a surprise visit last night at 11pm! (Holy crap) And he said the most amazing thing... Feed you!!! YAY!!!!

You had your first bottle at 12:10am and it was 2oz. Took your second bottle at 3:45am and that was 2oz as well. Mommy is gonna start you off slow - Dr. A said we could give you 3oz every three  hours.

I am playing this all by ear because I am very curious how much poop I will be looking at. And what the consistency will be.

But I am so proud of you, little man! You are *truly* amazing!

I love you cute boy!